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+ Do you only perform services in homes?

We perform services wherever space is permitted. Be it your home, hotel or place of business.

+ What products do you use?

We use an assortment of professional facial, hair and makeup products based off clients skin type and concern, our guest lifestyles and makeup artist, esthetician or hairstylist discretion. The hard wax we use during all wax sercies is from Berodin. If there are certain products in your possession you would like to use please let the artist know when booking your reservation, this will not decrease the value of the appointment.

+ How do I prepare for my reservation?

For all services we ask that a room with ample lighting and adequate space be provided. Beautiiful brings all equipment included but not limited to waxing table, products,supply table, makeup chair etc.

+ What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made 24 hours before scheduled reservation. If failure to do so client will be charged $25 cancellation fee.

+ What if I or Beautiiful is running late?

We allot a 15 minute window, starting at arrival time, to allow complete set up for said service. After the 15 minute time has lapsed and client is not ready a $15 fee is added every 10 minutes the reservation runs late and is due at the completion of service.

+ What if I can’t book my appointment for my desired date and time

Please email us at Please note, that reservations looking to be made before opening hours and after closing hours are subjected to an additional fee.

+ Do you accept same day bookings?

Yes we do. Reservations must be made two hours in advance.

+ If I am outside the service area, will there be additional charge on travel?

Yes! Please email us at with the area in which your looking to have services rendered.



+ How long does my hair have to be to receive a wax?

The hair must be at least ¼ th of an inch to be waxed.

+ Is there anything I need to do to prepare before getting waxed?

No need to prepare for a wax we prep the skin with our four step system. Cleansing, by removing any makeup, oil or lotion that’ll interfere with your wax. Then protecting the skin with oil and powder. After waxing we rejuvenate the skin by apply a soothing serum to help orient breakouts, ingrown hair or irritation.

+ Can I wax during that time of month?

We have a no period policy.

+ Can I wax if I’m pregnant?

Yes you absolutely can! However, you may experience some sensitivity due to your body’s hormonal changes. We recommend checking with your physician if you’re feeling skeptical. Beautiiful has been trained to ensure you’re extra comfortable during your services.

+ What is the difference between Bikini Line, French Brazilian and Brazilian?

  • Bikini Line is basically a tidy up. We wax your sides (your panty line) and across the top to prevent unwanted hairs from peaking out.
  • Bikini Full the next steps. You can take off as much or as little as you want. Have everything taken off the front, or leave a small landing strip or triangle.
  • Brazilian goes from the front to the back, by adding a butt strip. You can go for the traditional nude look or leave a small land strip or triangle.

+ How long does a wax typically last?

Typically a wax last between 3 - 6 weeks. If it is your first time or first time in a long time however, you might see hair growth sooner. Hair grows in stages and at any given time, two hairs cantwo next to each other at different stages, removing the hair when it begins to grow (anagen stage) allows wax results to last longer.

+ Can I wax after a facial?

Beautiiful recommends waxing before facials for your comfort and safety. During exfoliation we carefully avoid areas already wax to not further irritate you. If you’re receiving a full face wax, we recommend receiving a wax 5 - 7 days after receiving a wax.

+ Can I wax after a tan?

No. Beautiiful recommends waxing before tanning, especially before spray tanning. Waxing removes a layer of dead skin, therefore if you spray tan before wax there is a very good chance your tan will be uneven. We recommend to avoid tanning beds or laying in direct sunlight. Skin can easily burn and become irritated.

+ Can I wax if I’m on medication?

Prescription creams: medications should be stopped 7 days before waxing and not to be applied until 7 days after waxing. Antibiotic Pills: Medication may cause skiin sensitivity when waxing. Guest should advise if any discomfort is experienced during service. Exfoliation Products: may cuase sensitivity, guest shouls stop using products one to two days prior and after waxing. Botox and chemical Peels: Guest should wait at least two weeks after treatment to recieve wax service. Radiation Therapy: Advise your doctor before scheduling your service. Will NOT perform wax service on any guest without a doctors note.



+ It’s my very first facial, which type should I choose ?

We customize all of our face treatment services based on our guest skin type and concerns. Be it your first facial or your 50th, we personalize each and every treatment. Please note if you are looking to have a facial treatment before a big event we do not recommend receiving one the week of. If you are looking to receive a treatment for a big event, ask us about our Brightening Beautii Peel.

+ What can I expect during a facial treatment?

During a facial treatment you can expect to receive a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of blackheads and comedones, targeted treatment, face shoulder and neck massage and a targeted treatment mask.

+ Will my skin be red or irritated after a facial?

You may experience slight redness after a facial. Especially if you received a chemical exfoliation or peel and if you’ve had a large amount of extractions. The redness will dissipate after a couple of hours, those with sensitive skin may be more prone to redness.

+ How can I maintain professional results at home?

We are thoroughly knowledgeable in a variety of skincare products. We recommend products based of skin type, concern and off of our guest lifestyle. We also offer an additional service called Beauty Concierge. Please see our list of services.

+ Do you service men and teens as well?

Yes we do! We offer both! We recommend a series of facials for teens with acne or post acne scarring.

A series of facials is the best way to jump-start your skincare maintenance, especially if you’re looking for positive results, fast! Facial series are generally offered in a series of six, performed at an interval determined by us. Facials series are most effective when performed using a chemical exfoliant such as a glycolic or a lactic acid. (The exfoliant used will be determined based on your skin type and concern.)


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